Parkinson's Disease


$55 per visit


32 Weeks

Parkinson’s Disease Study IV

Official Title

Parkinson's Disease Study VII

Study Summary

The purpose of this study is to determine whether the gastric retentive Accordion Pill™ Carbidopa/Levodopa (AP-CD/LD) is more effective than the commercially available immediate release Carbidopa/Levodopa in reducing motor fluctuations such as "off time" in advanced Parkinson's Disease patients.

Eligibility and Recruitment Information

Recruitment Status Recruiting
Eligible Genders Both
Eligible Ages 30 and Older
Inclusion Unstable Parkinson’s Disease with at least 2.5 hours per day on average when your Parkinson’s Disease medication is not working well, causing worsening of Parkinsonism symptoms.
Exclusion Atypical Parkinsonism (subjects with Parkinsonian features caused by disorder such as multiple system atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, dementia with Lewy bodies or multiple brain infarcts).
Start Date
Compensation $55 per visit
Location Orlando, FL

Study Information

Condition Parkinson's Disease

Administrative Information

Study ID NCT02605434

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