Stimwave Patient Stories

Stimwave and Bioclinica Research

Our partnership with Stimwave created new research studies and opportunities for patients like Roland, Scott, and Kim. Watch how they found relief and new life through our Stimwave research studies.

Stimwave’s FDA-cleared Freedom System provides a non-surgical therapy option for chronic pain. Thanks to patented advancements in microtechnology, Stimwave implants a micro stimulator via needle for wireless pain relief. A sleek, fashionable wearable antenna is then worn externally and transmits power and instructions to the micro stimulator. icrotechnology.

Roland’s Story

For years Roland’s chronic back pain continued to get worse. Neither surgery nor pain pills stopped the pain, and he was ready for something new. Discover how Roland finally found relief.

Scott’s Story

After a terrible fall, Scott learned to live with debilitating back pain. Multiple back surgeries and years of pain meds didn’t help. See how Scott reclaimed his love for dancing and travel for the first time in 25 years.

Kim’s Story

Kim struggled with back pain for over a decade. With no relief in sight, she was starting to lose hope. Watch how Kim took back her life.